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Blog notes #1

May 29, 2018 — shinohai

So far, I am very much enjoying this new blogging system. I found a simple bash script that will generate the necessary pages using sed and awk on shithub. After thorough dissection, it seems to suit my present needs quite nicely, and I may eventually post a copy to the /library/ after a bit more polishing. No dicking about with php or databases, and posts can be composed using vim or terminal text editor of choice. This has the added benefit of allowing one to blog from a machine without an X server as inspiration strikes. Hunchentoot allows for real-time post previews in the browser, though the script does allow for previewing posts before committing them. I have only tested the script on NetBSD and Gentoo, but see no reason why it wouldn't work on African "linux" or similar.

A few days ago in the #trilema logs, lobbes asked the following:

lobbes: !Qlater tell shinohai why no comments allowed on yer blog?

Comments are currently disabled because original script contained google, disqus, and twitter cowshit that I most definitely do not want in the final product. Since this is a personal blog, and I don't expect readership to number in the thousands, plans are to implement comments using an irc bot so one can simply `>>#(post ID)` when identified from chat. Because I have more time for libations and fucking these days, don't expect to see this feature added anytime soon.

That's all for now. When more progress is made towards the above-mentioned polishing I will fire off a new post detailing the improvements.

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