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Adios, o la bifurcacion

May 31, 2018 — shinohai

Today will be the last day of my irc bot jhvh1's service in #trilema and #pizarro channels on freenode, thus concluding my final bit of business with TMSR after ~4 years of participation (The past year serving as "The Right Honorable Baron Titsbare"), before consensus decided I was no longer eligible to serve in that capacity1 . In that time I submitted articles regularly to Qntra (some good, some terrible), gained a plethora of knowledge about therealbitcoin, earned a few bitcents income playing Eulora, and met some of the finest and most knowledgeable people on the internet, hands down. So I am going to recognize those folks here in this post, as a modest way of thanking them for their efforts. In no particular order, we have:


Daniel showed me the ropes when I first arrived on Republican soil. One of the few religious folks I can tolerate being around, because he never lets God trump logic as far as I can tell.


I owe this guy a great debt of gratitude - the sheer number of hours I spent in valuable conversation with him regarding `V` 2 and therealbitcoin testing are incalculable. He has incredible stores of patience and is a real credit to The Bitcoin Foundation.


BB (As he is affectionately called) nagged me into finally getting off my ass and writing for Qntra, and as Editor-in-Chief always ensured my submissions were up to snuff. I likely wouldn't be writing this now if not for him. I hope his future involves a surfeit of dusky tits.


Diana is CTO of S.MG and provided me with some interesting quests in the land of Eulora. I will always remember rubbing sleep from my eyes early in the morning and lumbering about digging for resources in the oddest of locations at her behest. :)


A fellow Ex-Lord of the Republic, Pete still operates Contravex, a blog with a whimsical style that beats much of the other crap that gets published in Bitcoin space today.


Trinque is the reason I no longer limp about on sad Debian machines, having given me the tools to begin learning how to Gentoo - which now powers almost every box in my home. Props are also due him for nudging me to learn a bit of Common Lisp.


Alf, with his "fits in head" philosophy 3, has shaped a lot of my current ideas on what computing should and should not be.


Last, but not least, is MP. Too many contributions to my thought processes to list here, readers are invited to read Trilema or The Logs instead, and make of them what you will.

Though I look back on the gates of TMSR with a bit of wistfulness, I am excited to see where my travels will take me now that I am free of the trappings of the Republican construct. Work on this blog and the replacement bot for jhvh1 continues, as will the lampooning of cryptotards across the wider internet.

1. The official reason given for my defrocking was "failure to thrive" (detailed here), though for the reader's benefit I will mention that Republican infrastructure crumbled a bit during my tenure - The main MPEX stalwarts of S.MG, S.QNTRA, and S.NSA all went down for extended periods of many weeks, during which time I worked on the framework for jhvh1's replacement. One can hardly thrive if the soil isn't fertile to begin with, though I expect the fresh load of manure scattered about of late shall help significantly.

2. A pretty good guide to what `V` is and why it is important can be found here.

3. asciilifeform publishes a great blog if you are so inclined at 

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